repairing-the-tubeThe service delays and interruptions we’ve seen in recent years on the MBTA, stem from decades of underfunding. It’s unacceptable and it’s unsafe. Between 1977 and 2009 Massachusetts has cut more taxes than any other state in the country. That means we have 3 billion dollars less each year than we had in the late 1990s to fund transportation and public services. These austerity measures have resulted in a $7 billion repair backlog for the MBTA. With all of the losses caused by tax cuts, it’s no wonder that the trains don’t run on time.

We’re being told that privatization is the only way to fix what’s broken. The problem is, while private companies promise to increase efficiency and reduce costs, the reality is often far from that. Cities like Chicago and London have learned the hard way that privatization can result in increased fares, and a decline in the quality of service. While privatization advocates say “competition” will keep quality high while reducing costs, the truth is once you award a contract to a private company there is no competition and little accountability when something goes wrong. Here in Massachusetts:


Massachusetts workers and riders agree that the time to invest in public transit is now. The MBTA should continue to make improvements to current operations, but that cannot distract from the greater need to invest in public transit for riders, workers, and our communities.

The long term costs of sweeping privatization are often higher than expected – as has been demonstrated in cities across the nation and the globe. Let’s keep public transportation public –and invest in a stronger future for riders, workers, and the Massachusetts economy.

That means ending the austerity budgets that have had painful consequences for riders, workers and our communities. Join us in telling public officials that the time to invest in our public transportation is now.


We must INVEST NOW to achieve:

MODERN, RELIABLE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION that supports Boston’s dynamic economy, growing workforce, and important role as a world-class city.


SAFE TRANSPORTATION that riders and our communities can trust every time they step aboard without exceptions.


EQUITABLE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION ACCESS to ensure that service expansions bring opportunity and economic development to under-served communities.


QUALITY JOBS that can sustain a family, contribute to our local economy, and play a role in reducing the extreme levels of income inequality in our state.


DEVELOPMENT of MBTA land and property that benefit our communities, not just developers, by creating good jobs and affordable housing.


TRANSPARENCY for MBTA bidding and contracting, including restored taxpayer and worker protections under the Pacheco law to prevent wasteful privatization schemes and insider dealing.


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