Privatization and transparency at the T


In our June Newsletter, we shared some specific examples of MBTA privatization and outsourcing schemes hurting taxpayers, workers and riders. If you missed it, read on to learn more about these failed privatization bids that highlight the importance of investing in public transportation for riders, workers and our communities.


Even after chronically poor service and failure to provide enough trains to keep up with demand, Governor Baker’s office was unable to hold this private company accountable for their breach of contract. Despite a failure to comply with their contract, penalties and fines have been waived. You can read further about ongoing issues relating to Keolis here and here.

Maine Military Authority (MMA)

The decision to outsource bus maintenance to the MMA has resulted in massive cost overruns as well as delays in repairs. In addition to sidelining key MBTA fleet vehicles, these delays have also cost Massachusett’s taxpayers millions.


Despite their international reputation for providing poor services marred by delays, this private contractor is now under active consideration for an MBTA bus maintenance contract.


After being considered for outsourcing of rider services despite conflicts of interest, this Boston-based contractor declared bankruptcy. Learn more about this narrowly-avoided privatization disaster here.

S.J. Services & AMB Industries

Understaffing of MBTA janitors and slashing of worker hours in order to deny workers access to health care benefits by both of these companies led to dirty stations and rider dissatisfaction resulting in widespread protests.

LAZ Parking

The MBTA is now suing this privately-held company that operated parking operations for the MBTA from 2013 to 2016 for allegedly pocketing millions of dollars in parking lot fees during their contract with the MBTA.

Global Contact Services

There has been a recent increase in complaints from seniors and disabled individuals that rely on The Ride’s services since private contractor Global Contact Services launched a new call center to coordinate services several months ago. You can read more about this privatization failure here.


There has been an increase in outsourcing services to companies like Brink who do not pay employees a living wage.


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