Riders’ Voices: Regina Tham – Quincy, MA

Quincy resident Regina Tham speaks out against privatization and for transparency at the T.

“As someone who uses the MBTA everyday, I believe that the privatization of the MBTA is a poor choice that will add to the lack of transparency and reliability. Although the privatization has been made to seem positive, past experiences have shown us that the privatization efforts will only bring failure as with Keolis and the commuter rail. Since it was clear that the privatization of the commuter rail with Keolis was a failure, I think it is even clearer that the privatization of the MBTA does not have any positives for the riders that it serves. It will not be beneficial for the workers or riders.

Additionally, I think that the MBTA needs to be more transparent with its riders. The lack of transparency regarding the future business ventures of MBTA Chief Administrator Brian Shortsleeve with the recent proposed appointment of Mr. Shortsleeve to the MBTA Fiscal and Management Control Board is concerning. The MBTA should be striving to be transparent and working to support its riders. The privatization will only add to the lack of transparency between the MBTA and the public.”

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