Vendors late night visit to MBTA garages

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Recently, for-profit companies snuck into MBTA garages under the cloak of night between midnight and 3:00 A.M. to survey the properties they will be bidding for control of. Advocates and workers said the tactic lacked transparency, as did the closed backdoor meeting that occurred with vendors at the MBTA transportation building prior that day.


“These for-profit corporations appearing under cloak of night to begin seizing control of the MBTA demonstrates the lack of transparency surrounding this scheme that is being forced upon taxpayers, riders, and worker,” said Mike Vartabedian, Business Representative of IAM Local 264. “The public deserves management at the MBTA that is open and transparent. MBTA mechanics rank as the best in the nation, but thus far the negotiations have remained one-sided with the workers offering $29 million in savings and hearing only silence from management.”
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