Globe Readers Vote Against Privatizing Bus Maintenance

In response to recent questions posed in The Boston Globe’s “The Argument” column regarding privatization of the Arborway, Lynn, and Quincy MBTA garages, readers overwhelmingly voted against privatization of the garages in question.

In response to the August 11th argument, “Should the MBTA privatize its Quincy, Arborway, and Lynn bus maintenance garages?” in which Marine Corps veteran, and MBTA mechanic at the Arborway garage, Nate Dubois, argued against privatization, 98 percent of readers sided with Dubois against privatization of MBTA garages.

Similarly, following the September 8th argument, “Should the MBTA proceed with plans to privatize its Arborway, Lynn, and Quincy garages?” in which Everett resident and MBTA fueler from the Lynn bus maintenance garage, Alex Grande, argued against privatization, over 68% of readers voted against privatization.

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