The Ride Contractor Struggles to Provide On-Time Service

Following up on a previous story, The Boston Globe reports that Global Contact Services, the private contractor that has taken over two-thirds of The Ride’s logistical operations, is still struggling to provide reliable transportation services to passengers. The Ride provides transit for approximately 7,000 disabled passengers on a daily basis, however, since scheduling and dispatching have been taken over by Global Contact Services, there has been an increase in rider complaints regarding delays and missed rides.

The contractor was slated to take over the final one-third of The Ride’s operations on October 1st, however, due to continued failure to get “on-time service and other performance metrics to consistent, acceptable levels,” officials are delaying the takeover by at least a month. Regarding the delay, the T’s director of transportation innovation, Ben Schutzman told The Globe, “We still have concerns about their ability to take on significant volume.”

You can read the full story here.

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